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Key Features of FLOWer: Elevating TAVI Procedure Safety

Uncover the unique features of FLOWer, our advanced Embolic Protection Device, and understand how each element contributes to safer, more effective Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedures for aortic valve stenosis.

FLOWer is more than just a cerebral embolic protection device. It represents a comprehensive approach to protect both the brain and peripheral organs during TAVI procedures

With all the advancements in transcatheter heart valve design and TAVI techniques, the persistent 2-4% [ see sources(3) ] risk of overt stroke post-TAVI underscores the need for groundbreaking solutions like FLOWer.

In the world of  TAVI, time and ease of use are of the essence.  We designed FLOWer, our cerebral embolic protection device, to be the model of user-friendliness. Here’s how FLOWer streamlines your TAVI procedures:

FLOWer is the next step in TAVI procedure evolution. Experience the difference with FLOWer – where user-friendly design meets clinical excellence.

Prioritizing Patient Safety with FLOWer EPD in TAVI Procedures


Here’s how FLOWer is setting new standards for patient safety:

With a proven safety record, FLOWer stands as a testament to our dedication to patient care in TAVI procedures. Experience the peace of mind that comes with FLOWer, where safety and innovation go hand in hand.

FLOWer EPD: Setting New Standards in Embolic Protection Efficiency


FLOWer stands out with its proven ability to tackle both small and large emboli, ensuring comprehensive protection for patients.

Discover the difference with FLOWer – where efficiency meets excellence in embolic protection.

FLOWer has been meticulously designed to cater to every patient’s unique anatomy.

FLOWer’s universal design principle is a commitment to patient-centered care, ensuring that every TAVI procedure is as safe and effective as possible.

FLOWer EPD: Ensuring Seamless Integration in TAVI Procedures


In the world of TAVI, the compatibility of an embolic protection device with delivery systems is crucial. FLOWer EPD excels in this aspect, demonstrating minimal to no interference with various TAVI delivery systems.

FLOWer’s design and performance are tailored to complement the TAVI procedure, not complicate it. Its seamless integration with delivery systems means that clinicians can focus on the procedure, confident in the knowledge that FLOWer will perform as expected, every time.

Clear visualization is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity in the delicate and precise world of TAVI procedures. FLOWer embraces this necessity, offering unparalleled visibility that leads to better outcomes and enhanced patient safety.

FLOWer EPD: A Model of Stability in TAVI Procedures


FLOWer  is designed to deliver consistent stability from the beginning to the end of TAVI procedures.

With FLOWer, you can trust that the device will maintain its position, providing consistent protection throughout the TAVI procedure. This stability is not just reassuring; it’s essential for the success of the procedure and the safety of the patient.

FLOWer EPD: Championing Safety with Minimal Thrombogenicity and Low Propensity to Cause Blood Clots in TAVI Procedures


FLOWer EPD stands out for its exceptionally low propensity to cause blood clots, ensuring patient safety and procedure success.

FLOWer’s minimal thrombogenicity is a testament to our commitment to patient safety and procedural excellence. With FLOWer, clinicians can focus on the procedure, reassured by the device’s inherent safety features.

In TAVI procedures, the deployment phase of an embolic protection device is critical. FLOWer EPD is engineered with an unwavering focus on safety during this crucial stage.

At every step of the deployment phase, FLOWer is designed to minimize risks and ensure a safe, smooth procedure. Safety isn’t just a goal; it’s a built-in feature of every FLOWer device.

In TAVI procedures, optimal management of the femoral access site is key to patient safety and procedural efficiency. FLOWer EPD brings notable improvements to this critical aspect.

With FLOWer EPD, femoral access in TAVI procedures is not just about cerebral protection; it’s about enhancing the entire procedural experience, focusing on safety and efficiency from start to finish.

In transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), the challenge isn’t just protecting the brain; it’s about ensuring comprehensive debris removal, both cerebral and non-cerebral. FLOWer EPD stands at the forefront of this challenge, offering unparalleled debris elimination capabilities.

The FLOWer EPD is a guardian against a wide spectrum of embolic risks. With its thorough debris removal system, FLOWer ensures a safer TAVI experience, protecting patients from potential complications associated with both cerebral and non-cerebral debris.

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