AorticLab Solution

GEMINI, The Future of Aortic Valve Treatment

GEMINI, leveraging groundbreaking pairpitch technology, represents a leap forward in treating both calcific and fibrotic aortic valve stenosis.

[ Currently in development and not available for sale ]

This innovative device is meticulously engineered to target and fragment dystrophic calcifications found in native aortic and bioprosthetic valve leaflets, while also remodeling tissue affected by fibrosis.

With precision at its core, GEMINI employs a gentle approach to fragment calcifications on the valve. It achieves this without harming the delicate leaflet tissue or generating any local temperature increase, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the valve are maintained.

Together, GEMINI and FLOWer, our Embolic Protection Device, offer a comprehensive solution, combining advanced calcification management with superior embolic protection. This synergy ensures patients suffering from aortic stenosis receive the most advanced care and protection available.

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How does GEMINI work?